Dear All CIPS Patients and Visitors,

Colorado Injury and Pain Specialists and Redlands Mesa Surgical Center are taking every precaution necessary to protect all patients and employees.

To ensure a healthy operation, we have increased our cleaning process at all locations throughout the day. We will be monitoring the temperatures of all employees, patients, and visitors to ensure that no one has a fever.

If any employee, patient or visitor has a scan temperature higher than 100.4° F, they will be asked to leave and to only return after a two-week quarantine to ensure improved health.

In addition, we ask that all visitors provide their cell phone number to the front desk and return to your vehicle. You will receive a phone call when your friend or family member is ready to be picked up proceeding their appointment.

We will be updating our phone message system if any changes to standard operation are to transpire. We are compliant with all CDC Guidelines to ensure healthy operation.

Click Here to Learn More About Colorado Compliant Guidelines and Further Prevention


Administrative Team at DECA Health
Colorado Injury and Pain Specialists

Redlands Mesa Surgical Center