Tai chi and chi kung are low-impact activities that can be adjusted for all fitness levels, even patients who are unable to stand for long periods or may not be able to stand at all. This is not a cardio-based workout. The slow, smooth, flowing movement developed in the practice of tai chi and chi kung allows a participant to build balance and flexibility.

  • Facilitator: Tom Lynch
  • When: Mondays @ 12:15
  • Price: One hour/ $10.00 a session

In this guided exercise, patients carrying the weight of their arms and legs through the gentle eb and flow is used to build strength and core development. The controlled postures and shifting weight through a series of motion leads to increased balance. Research supports that low- impact activity can improve the quality of life for those that suffer from a variety of chronic pain types, including fibromyalgia and arthritis.

“Moving meditation” is a common nickname for tai chi and chi kung because of its focus on breathing techniques and calming states. Relaxation and peaceful moments can be few and far between for a chronic pain sufferer. This adds to the overall health benefits that come from regularly engaging in these practices.